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Hi! I'm BrooketheChook and I recently babysat 8 new chicks for my sister. Some nights I would be up at night worrying about them and this site was my savior!!! I haven't had a pet in 10 years, and I started university as an adult student (a very stressed one). But, having the baby chicks around was a nice mental distraction...and I fell in love with one little girl (a black Silkie) who refuses to sit on my lap....instead she runs up to my chest and falls asleep there. So! I adopted two. I was concerned that my little black-boogey (aptly named as she 'smears' her little body across me) would get lonely.
I recently bought a terrarium until they can be outside (as they are only 2 weeks old) and I am concerned about the heat of the ceramic part that the heat bulb screws into. The ceramic heats up until it is untouchable and I am concerned it will melt the wood veneer/laminate it sits against, that the terrarium is made of. Has anyone had any materials melt or catch fire before?


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Welcome to BYC! Nice to have you here.

You may want to check out a different means for warming your chicks, that fixture sounds pretty hot. Check out the Learning Center for some really informative articles for new chick owners if you haven't already. The following link gives some good information about new chicks:

Also, here is a link where you can chat with some 'local' chicken owners:

Hope you enjoy your birds!


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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Is this terrarium glass? Glass is not the best thing to use to brood chicks. You might just keep them in a cardboard box or even a big plastic tote. Do not cover the lid of this brooder. You can use a screen or wire on top, but don't completely cover it with ANYTHING solid. This can over heat and kill the chicks. They need maximum heat and oxygen exchange. 1 square foot per bird in size of brooder as well.

Use a lamp with a ceramic socket. They are fine to use. Yes, they will get hot, but if your dome is aluminum or metal of some sort, it will be fine. Don't let the dome come into contact with anything.

Definitely stop by that first link that NorthFLChick has left for you on the first 60 days of raising your chicks. Lots of helpful tips and hints on raising your new babies.

Enjoy your new chicks and if you have any questions about raising them, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!
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Heat lamps are often the cause of fires. It's best to have them OUT of the brooder. The brooder should have a wire top of it - chicks try to fly early and could get burned by the lamp, or have house pets eat them.


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Congratulations on your new chicks, your Silkies sound like really sweet birds. You've gotten some good suggestions from above posters. Be very careful with the heat lamp, it should not be touching anything flammable. You might check out the brooder section in the Coops link to see what other people have done, or post pictures of your set up and people might be able to suggest ways to change it.


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Welcome to BYC
You've received some good advice here. Enjoy the site!

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