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Hi I am new to Back Yard Chickens. I did come to the site to check out different kinds of chickens and to get info on their care in the past but had not joined. Back in May I purchased 6 Barred Rock Pullets. I grew up on a small farm and want the life but where we live we are not allowed farm animals. Chickens seem to be fine as long as you don't get out of hand with them. Wow that is so easy to do. I love chickens. I have become addicted to them. I will be getting 6 more next spring. Right now my husband is building a 10x10 shed that we are turning into a Hen house. part will be the house for them and part will be storage for their food, straw, and my garden equipment. I will post pics soon. Right now they have a small coop and a small yard and I let them free range my yard in the evenings. We have a bloodhound that loves to eat chicken and he loves to tease my hens. So we have to keep him in the house when they are out of their yard. I am a Mom, Grandma, wife and woman that just loves chickens and all animals. We live just outside of Rockford IL. and I mean just outside of it. like a half block. lol I love to crochet, cook, camp, ATV ride and love to be in the outdoors. I forgot to mention that my ladies are being organically fed.
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Welcome! I am new to chickens and Back Yard Chickens too. We purchased 7 barred rock baby chicks a few weeks ago. They are all ladies and a bit over 4 weeks old. They are really curious and seem to have all their own personalities! We live in rural coastal Maine and our yard is mostly trees, shrubs, and lots of rocks, flower and veggie garden (short seasons here for gardens though).
Here the property lines are rock walls
. My husband built a small coop about the size of yours off the side of our barn. We don't have an outside run built yet. We have tons of wildlife that runs through our yard anytime day or night so we have to build one that no animals can dig under or go through holes. All wire with 2 x 4's we're thinking.
About the only thing we haven't seen in the yard animal or bird wise is a bear or cougar.
This site is an awesome resource. Have fun!
Yes my Barred Rock have been very good girls. We have not seen to many predators and I do not lock them in at night. Seems the fenced in yard and the blue tarp over the yard for shade helps keep anything out. Seems the most we have to worry about is our dog. Our girls love to roam and follow me around the yard. I have noticed they do not like to be out in the sun much. If in the yard they run from shady spot to shady spot. I only have ladies no Roosters. We have considered it but hey they don't lay eggs and I have heard they will mate the females to death. Also in my neighborhood they would surely be to noisy and I'm sure someone would complain and make us get rid of the flock. Don't want that to happen.
Welcome! I am from Woodstock, IL and my husband are new to chickens. We have 7 Muscovies and 6 chickens right now. We are absolutely loving our mini bird farm.

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