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hi i live in springfield ma and dont know where to buy chickens or hens i grew up with them and so did my husband we already have a chicken coop built and food we are ready to raise our own but liv ing in springfield makes it hared to find where i can get them Please help me i just want for their eggs and as pets thanks
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Hi, I would watch the message boards here & then check Craigslist in your area or the areas as far as you're willing to travel. It's also a good idea to go to your local feed store & check out the bulletin boards & you also watch to check out the poultry shows or see if theres any in your area. You could check some of the hatcheries too & they might have some older pullets too. I'm in NJ and I know it's already chilly at night here it might be a bit too chilly already to be starting little chicks but I'm not really expereinced to know that. I do know I just put out some Buff Orpingtons into a coop that are about 6 wks old and while they do have a nice looking amount of feathers I still worry a bit that it's a bit chilly for them. Of course that's my "motherhen worrying side speaking" LOL Buff Orpingtons they're the *sweetest things I've ever seen! Then don't have a peeking at anyone bone in their little bodies and they're SO personable! They're suppose to be winter hardy, & lay into the winter. And honestly when I first started to see them feather I wasn't sure I was going to like them but now they are just so feathery soft & will just let you go right ahead & pet them! Ok enough sorry didn't mean to promote but thought I should pass along my approval of this breed. They're just lovely...
We have some chickens for sale in Granby ma. which is just north of springfield. I have posted a craigslist add and sent you an email.

We have chickens that are 17 weeks old and we have some 18month old hens as well. We need to down size our flock and would be happy to help.

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