Hi im Jersey Jim living in Fl raising chickens!


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Naples, FL
Can anyone tell me what breed of chicken this is. Got them from a friend in north jersey, no ides what they are, had them since chicks, now 16 weeks old?
polish and la fleche get the horns or v shaped combs but its not a polish cross as there is no crest of any size, and as far as I know the la fleche only comes in black......off to see if they come in more colors

ok found some google pictures of different colors, do you have any older ones or know if your friends adult birds have white ear lobes?
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Good questions! I just noticed how long it's legs are. Do any of the bigger breeds of game type chickens have a V comb??
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Thanks for the le fletche idea, I have thought the same but never had them. I only have 2 and when I was up in jersey ncouldnt get close enough to notice a v-comb! Also they told me they are pullets, but I beg to differ! Going to look at polish cause never seen either. Sorry im new to the chicken world but love the input! Thanks again

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