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    Sep 8, 2014
    First off, hello. I am a BYC owner and have used this site for much information in starting my flock. Honestly, I started chickens for their poop for the compost. I liked the eggs too. First flock was good until a neighbor's dog killed all but one their first fall. I was devastated. We then purchased 4 new hens for winter with our one remaining. Dog broke through the coop and killed all but two. That dog is dead now. Three chickens died off from a mysterious disease this year. Last year we got 12 and unfortunately two were roosters and we didn't realize the peril in that. Two MEAN roosters would attack my 2-year-old when we turned our backs and harm the weaker hens. So after some fertile eggs, we gave away one and slaughtered one. . We hatched 5 of those fertile eggs. I checked them and was correct, three pullets and two cockerels. We also started turkeys this year. BBB and BBW and eventually put one of the cockerels in with them when they started to show some aggressive behavior. Both cockerels are nice now that they are separated.

    Now my new chicks are starting to integrate with the old flock and my turkeys and one cockerel are getting ready to be processed. I am looking for someone who processes poultry but am not having much luck. I live about half way between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids.
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    Hi and welcome!
    While it is good that the dog has been eliminated as a predator - more importantly, has the coop security been upgraded to prevent attacks from the next predator that happens along?
    I am glad that you seem to see improvement in the behavior of your cockerels - but moving forward something to keep in mind is that you want to breed for the birds you want, so a bird showing an undesirable trait (ie the aggression you had from the original cockerels), should not be allowed to be part of your breeding program.
    Can't really help with processor suggestions - are you opposed to doing it yourself?
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    Sep 8, 2014
    Oh yes, our coop and run were upgraded. The dog had dug under the fence pretty good. We now have buried bricks. :)

    We do not plan to show our birds. We just love having them. They each crowd over us when we are out and they are good for the general environment. Once my garden is done producing, they will free range in the backyard again. I only keep them in the run/coop when I have plants going. They like those tomatoes too much. They do get all scraps though and love that. We also feed them all the June Bugs we catch.

    We hen hatched our chickens, we had actually let my son's 3rd grade class do it. It was great science for them and we ended up with the chickens. We plan to do that again this year but a little more controlled. We will separate the rooster with a few hens. Having just one rooster is fine. He is kind to us and protective of his girls. We have a mixed flock now. Silver laced, Americana, Black Jersey Giant, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, and our fist was a Rhode Island Red. Both our Buff Orpingtons died off due to disease.

    I don't think either of my original roosters would have been mean except for the fact we had two. I split my current two when they were about 6 weeks. They had just started to "face off" a little.

    I lot two of my biggest turkeys earlier this summer. After that, they were moved to right next to the house. Nothing has come back for the remaining four and that cockerel seems to hang with them and protect. He is good at sounding the alarm. Sad they didn't like their large coop we made, but I read they like to be out in the open. Now they seem pretty good. I am just looking for somewhere to take them for processing in the next 4-6 weeks. My husband doesn't want to do it himself as the turkeys are too dumb and sociable. I would have a hard time too.

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