HI I'm new here!


May 23, 2022
HI all my name is Bunny, I have had chickens for about 4 yrs. We started with a small flock but my husband and I moved to some land 2 years ago and started a small farm and have been increasing our flock we have : Jersey Giants, Brahmas, sex links, silkies, speckled Sussex and Barred rocks. We also recently added 2 ducks a crested and a blue Sweden and are fostering 3 Canadian Goslings who's momma got hit by a car ( approved by DEPT of Wildlife) We are really enjoying all of them ! I love watching chickens they are so comical! I really enjoy reading all the threads here and have got some most needed help from BYC members especially for the ducklings which we are new at ya'll are awesome! I live in the soggy state of WA but am originally from Tenn. We also have 3 goats and we are frequently visited by the local deer herd. I am living my dream out here! Look forward to reading more here and maybe even helping out if I can with some questions, thanks for having me here!

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