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Aug 28, 2011
My brother is trying to build a small farm, with my help, for my 84 y.o. mother. I’ve only had dogs and cats, so this is totally new to me.
Any and all advise would be great like how to intro the ducklings to the chickens. Thanks in advance.
Found this site by a search about chickens.
I’m into prepping, crafts and reading. I’m trying to learn how to do couponing.
I’m a substitute teacher and love working with elementary kids. I live with mom and my sister but we have 3 brothers and a bunch of nieces and nephews. I have an AKC sheltie named MyKey to My Heart, she’s a sweetie and loves the all the birds. I think she think there funny looking/smelling puppies.

Chickens Ducks
8 W .C Black Polish 12 Fawn & White
6 Golden Polish 14 Black Cochine lost 1
3 Buff Cochine 12 Cayuga
3 Silver-Laced Cochine 14 Khaki Cambell
3 Buttercups Still have 51 ducklings.
4 Rhode Island Red Got the ducks 8/15/11
3 Red Star
3 Black Star
34 Missed 1 somewhere
Got them 6/1/11 lost 3 before moving to coop, so I now I have 31


Why do they call me crazy??
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Dec 30, 2008
Southwest Indiana
from Indiana!!

Many of your questions might already have answers. Just got to the blue bar and do searches for any topics you might have. If it isn't there, just ask. There are many, many helpful people here.


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May 29, 2011
Good Morning & Welcome From Michigan....Glad you've decided to join!!
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