Hi, I'm new to this forum


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Ala Gulf Coast
I'm new to this forum but I have had chickens for 3 years but feel like I am new at it. So much still to learn!

I have a 1 yr old american game roo, 1 black sex link hen, 1 RIR hen, and 2 BO. We, my hubby and I, bought 6 peeps (1 died the 2nd day) 4 were suppose to be pullets and 2 were st run. Well the st runs are hens and 1 of the pullets is a roo. 2 blk laced wynadottes, 1 tan and white (suppose to be RIR) and 2 white mixes. One of the white ones is the roo. He has a LARGE red comb and waddles at only 12 weeks. He is so cute, he is getting his rooster voice!

My big chickies free range by day and go into the coop at night. The peeps are in the "chickie yard" which is a fenced area attached to the coop but seperated by a little chickie door.

We also have quineas, geese and ducks with a pond.
Greetings from Kansas, frogys, and
! Great to have you in our community! I also free range my birds - kinda risky but very rewarding as well. Good luck to you and your flocks.
Hi and :welcome

We've had chickens for about 4 years and we still often feel quite new. :lol:
Time flies so fast...
Your rooster sounds cute. Our neighbours had a rooster once and he was adorable. Used to crow in the mornings at 5am or something but he never had a very loud voice, so it didn't bother anyone. :p

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