hi I'm new with a qusetion


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Jun 6, 2010
Hi I am new to this forum. I was looking on google for an answer to a question and found the forum. I raise chickens as part of my farm (I raise nubian and nubian/boer cross goats) and to sell eggs. I like to have lots of different breeds around so that the egg cartons are colorful when filled with eggs. I just got 20 hen chicks and an excited to see what they look like when they are grown. Always have a few banties running around too just for more fun. My question: when I was on craigslist someone had a listing for EE roosters I was wondering what the EE stood for? thanks
Easter Egger Blue, Green & Pink Eggs. Not a true Araucana or Ameracauna(sp?)

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thank you. my ameracauna's are my favorite regular sized hens. this years hens are producing more blue eggs than green ones like last years hens. I have yet to get a pink one, unless they look more like pale brown eggs and I am mistaking them for light brown eggs.

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