Hi, just moved to El Paso TX and want to ask other EP TEXANS some chicken questions...


11 Years
Mar 22, 2012
Zone 8a
Hi, we just moved to EP Texas and would like to know where we can get the permit for owning chickens.... Anyone on here know about that? We live in a neigborhood area. We want to get a couple small game or bantam hens for eggs. TIA!!! Jenn
Did u get chickens? R u still in el paso? We want to get some bit need info on how to go about it...we r in northeast el paso
I live in east el paso.
I have 2laying hens and 7 pullets
I'm gonna buy more soon :)
Still new to having chickens and learning everyday.
But its fun and worth it :)
i am in el paso and have had chickens for a year now. went from 3 to 28.
ill answer your questions.
glad to see other chicken people in this town!
I am still here in EP! and no i never got chickens here.. seems too HOT for them to be out in the summer.. I was thinking maybe getting a couple of quail and keep them indoors for fresh eggs.. I live in North East and in a subdivision. If you want to sell some fresh eggs, let me know.
I'm NW of San Antonio and I keep chickens. You can have them and it's not too hot. There are certain breeds that are more or less heat and cold hardy than others. I put frozen water bottles in their water tubs and give them frozen treats and they do just fine.

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