hi. my name is clint, and i have a chicken problem


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Apr 14, 2014
Luther OK
I am clint . I live in central Oklahoma. 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls. 2 dogs, a lab/border collie mix and a blue heeler/Catahoula mix. worthless overweight cat that my wife and son love or he would be gone. we have a breeding pair of gold silkies, and a breeding pair of white bantam cochins. then a mixed bag of chickens. my folks had chickens my whole life while growing up, but I just recently started raising them with my kids, and my wife has fallen in love with them much more than I expected her to.

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, it is hard NOT to fall in love with chickens! So glad you could join our community!

Pull up a roost bar and make yourself at home. Enjoy your flock and welcome to ours!
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Nope, no problem here. You sound like everyone else on BYC, be proud of your addiction - we promise no one on here will ever say you need an intervention.

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