Hi, new and ignorant here


Apr 7, 2019
Oregon Cascade Foothills
This is my 18 week olive egger. This one makes much more sound than the others and I'm wondering if it's actually a roo starting to crow. My other gals are different breeds and very obviously hens. Thoughts?


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Nope, that's a hen. In the absence of a Rooster sometimes a hen will step up and take on the role of protector and flock lead. Some hens are also just more chatty than others (you'll learn to love those as they are characters). If she is assuming the head role, you may find she will slow or even stop laying. If you are able to have Roosters, I'd get one- they're a lot of fun and they do play an important role. They are of course noisy and some can of course get mean- but when you get a good one- you'll hang on to him for years and really enjoy having him around.

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