Hi there. I'm Mercedes from NYC.


In the Brooder
Aug 9, 2021
Manhattan 》NY
Like I said, I'm from The Big Apple & a new mom to 7 Silkie chicks. I only wanted 1 but was convinced to get 2 to keep the other company but the minimum to be able to purchase was 5 ... and they ended up throwing another 2 just in case any of them perished on the way here. Haha! Slightly overwhelmed but 100% committed to my new little nuggets. I also have 2 beautiful quails and 2 dogs whom I adore. Needless to say I'm an animal lover but being mom to Silkies is new to me. So I'm going to need all the expert advice I can get. Thank u all in advance for helping and I'm super excited to hear from u guys. 😊

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