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Apr 15, 2014
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I live in NE Texas and raise free range chickens, turkeys, guinea, and I'm a new mom to a couple Emu chicks.

I have some purebred Blue Splash Ameraucanas (two nice roosters for sale), my main Rooster is a Barnevelder, and I have a bunch of "Easter Eggers", and lots of "mixed" chickens. When I first got into chickens a few years ago I wanted a rainbow of eggs and now I have olive green, green, blue, pink, brown, chocolate and all kinds of colors in between. I hatched out about 20 chicks this past weekend and I love all the colors I get!

I have Narragansett turkeys which I love because they are so mild mannered and sweet. I also have a blue slate hen but she is more flighty than the Narragansett. I am currently hatching out about 30 eggs.

I also raise Friesian Sporthorses and have two beautiful foals that were born in March. I have several Gypsy Vanners, two Friesians including a stallion, and a Warmblood. The chickens are great around the horses because they help make my job easier by spreading the manure. My guineas are great for alerting me to just about everything from the UPS truck in my driveway to hawks eyeing my chickens. Once a hawk swooped down and got a guinea but it got away from the hawk somehow. My neighbor saw the whole thing and was amazed at how the guinea got away.

We also raise Flemish Giant rabbits who have a big enclosure and are not caged. I am a new mom to a couple of month old Emu chicks. Currently they are in my guest bedroom in a 110 gallon horse trough! I am trying to get them used to me before I put them out with the flock during the day until they are big enough to not be prey to a hawk.

My hobbies are all the above plus I love trail riding, working on a raised bed garden, and a small Koi pond. I enjoy being outside as much as possible and my turkeys and chickens hang out with me whenever I'm doing projects outside.

I have been on this website so many times to read articles and suggestions from other chicken owners and I have to say this is the best site around.

I have one question
Does anyone know if it's safe to use corn cob bedding for my Emu as long as I keep it dry?

Welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community! You sure have your hands full with all that you have going on. Sounds like a very enjoyable little farmstead you have! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask. So pull up a roost bar and welcome to our flock!

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