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    Apr 20, 2016
    When I click the "create a new topic" tab is that just for asking a general question or is that to start a whole new topic?.. all I want to do is ask questions I don't want to necessarily start a new topic
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    Start a new thread is a great way to ask your own questions - unless it is in response to something you are reading in an existing thread. In the case of a question that is in response to something in an existing thread you would use "post a reply"
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    There are two ways to get a question asked.

    If you are reading someone's thread and you want to join in the discussion, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you'll see a blank window that says "Reply" in the upper left corner above it. Just click inside the blank space and start typing. When you're done, scroll below the window and click "SUBMIT".

    If you want to post photos, find the tool bar with the little icons just above the Reply window and click on the one that looks like a mountain peak with a moon. In fact, click on all the icons to see what you have available to help you make interesting posts. It's fun.

    To begin a new thread, click on "Start a new Thread" near the top of the page.

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