9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
I am a new member and am the wife of flatheadfisher. We have 11 new chickens, we had 13 but my yorkies took care of two when they were as large as they are. Terriers and chickens do not mix. We also have a 110 lb lab and a goldie and they totally ignore the chickens. We will have to give the roosters to a friend, as soon as we figure out who they are and they start crowing. The chickens that we have, we got from the tractor store, have turned out to be beautiful. We think we have a brama bantam - she's 'fluffy foot', two wyandotts, one buff orphington (sp) - she's 'big mama', two black sex link pullets, one easter egg pullet, three rhode island reds, one barred cock. We think we know their sex, but not sure until they mature. Have any of you had experience in slaughtering, cleaning your chickens? It irks me to think about it but better chicks that we raised than the unknown from the grocer. Our chicks just roam around the yard all day eating my veggies and earthworms, happy as little clams.

from Ohio. If you check out the meat birds section on the index page, you will find a lot of info they about butchering. The hardest part is just doing the deed. The cleaning is the easy part. We do it because we love fresh chicken and we know what they are being fed.
Hi and welcome from NY! I can't tell you much about that but I was thinking the same thing about having some for butchering...the kids flipped out!

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