10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Hi been a member for quite along time havent really been around much in recent years got rid of all of my animals a few years ago just starting to look to start over now. Im from canada i believe this is a american forum but as i recall i met quite a few helpful people here back a few years ago and its good to be back again i look forward to chatting with you all again and making some new friends.
from Michigan!
Its really great to be back and in my short time everyone has been so friendly just how i remembered. The coming weeks and months of rebulding my flocks are gonna be very exciting i cant wait to get back into the full swing of things.
Not much right now michelle just starting out after a few years when i was moved to the city im in the process of getting Chickens,ducks,geese and turkeys. Considering pheasants but i havent raised them before. I had about 200 birds in total before this but now my kids are to a age they seem to enjoy them as much as i did so hoping to have some again soon.
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