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5 Years
Feb 23, 2014
the U.S.

I might be pretty young, but I SURE do love chickens. I'm a girl living in the United States. My grandpa had chickens which he raised for eggs. At one time he had about 2,000 chickens. I don't know exactly when I took an interest to chickens, but I was at the library one day, and I saw a book called A Small Farmer's Guide To Raising Livestock. The chicken obsession started from there. I am constantly hunting for chicken information. I want chickens, but living in a subdivision has its downsides.
I certainly can't move out, so I'm stuck dreaming.
When I'm older, I want to be a veterinarian and have my own farm. I would like to own horses, goats, and you guessed it... CHICKENS!!!
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