Hiccuping and wheezing hen?

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  1. dwegg

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    Ok I have my fav. Little Cochin who has been hiccuping for a while and today I just noticed she is wheezing quiet a lot and her breathing is labored but otherwise she is acting totally normal?

    I have read on here that people think it could be tapeworm? And to treat with Valbezen?

    Any thoughts on a wheezing, hiccuping hen? She never stops hiccuping and it can't be comfortable...
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    Nov 14, 2009
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    Is it an audible sound? Or more like she keeps opening her mouth like she's hiccuping or yawning? If it looks like yawning, maybe gapeworm.

    Or does it seem like sneezing? With a little head shake? I have a few that do this from time to time when they're eating. Almost like they get a piece of food stuck and are trying to jar it loose.
  3. dwegg

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    It's quite loud hiccup and loud breathing/wheezing

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