Hide and Seek!


8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
I let my flock out of the coop on sunday and i closed the coop to keep my roosters seperated. Well I was planting some flowers and my blue polish hen was yelling at me! I had no idea what she wanted. I went inside and was talking to my mom when I realized DUH SHE NEEDS TO LAY AN EGG!!!! So pulled an extra box from the garage and put it outside. I called for her to come lay and she was gone! She completely disapeared in a matter of seconds! I freaked out inside and went looking. my mom helped as well and we look for 45 minutes! I went over to a shrub tree thingy and found her perfectly blended into the blue grass and twigs! Dumb Hen! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! She is so silly!
Smart hen. She found a place to blend in and lay her egg. Smart. Very Smart.
She knew what she needed to do!

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