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  1. sixxchixx

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    my 3 year old himalayan is very skinny. I currently feed him "Feline Holistic Select" dry cat food, and as a treat sometimes, Friskies wet food. I started thinking that between his scrawny body and lack of playfulness he maybe needs some extra calories to help him "bulk up"

    anyone know of any over the counter (read: petco/petsmart) high calorie cat foods.

    I have another cat that is fine and doesnt need the extra umph, so I dont want to switch to a kitten food. just somthing I could fed him as a special treat.

  2. patandchickens

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    Wouldn't it be important to figure out WHY he is so skinny, first? It is not likely to be 'for no reason'... and you'd want to take care of the underlying cause, be it worms, thyroid, kidneys, infectious disease, etc etc.

  3. CoyoteMagic

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    Quote:I agree with Pat. Once the vet checks him out you can try giving him some chicken gizzards, hearts, livers, etc... Also chicken wings have lost of fat to them. You can boil up a few and let him have at them.

    But get him checked by the vet first. Cats on holistic diets don't tend to get as pudgy as cats on your run of the mill cat food.
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    Treats are very bad for a uti, Be careful. I recomend, again, can poultry cat food. If it is a uti he can die very quickly.
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    Aug 10, 2010
    Escondido, CA
    Quote:he doesnt have a UTI. he shows no symptoms other than being skinny. and he's been skinny his whole life, I own his mother.

    the holistic cat food is Duck not chicken.
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  6. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    I'd just get a better cat food. Something with more meat and kcals and less filler. You can also boil meat and rice for some meals or even supplement with a little raw. A small amount of egg or cooked egg yolk can also be used as a supplement. Do not give too many raw eggs though or there is a risk of nutritional deficiency (debated by some). It doesn't take much to feed a cat a raw diet unlike trying to do it with several large dogs. If for some reason you want to stay with the current food and avoid raw I would look to an oil as a supplement. Something like flaxseed or sunflower seed oil. Preferably a mix of the 2 since flax and sunflowers have the opposite omega fatty acids in them. They compliment each other well and can be found in large cost effective bottles online which you can mix with whatever will get your cat interested. Put it on some dry food but remember to change the dry food quickly if it isn't eaten or it can go rancid, or mix it in a little wet food, with some egg, whatever... Salmon oil could also be used and is the one most commonly used as a supplement for dogs but I prefer to stick with vegetable oils and just add raw meat or actual fish to their diet.
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    Try Wellness food, it is wonderful for getting weight on kitties and getting them "back up". We use it on all our rescues. Also I wouldn't feed Friskies, ever, it's horrible food and contributes to all kinds of health problems. Try Wellness. My cats LOVE it! [​IMG]
  8. Tala

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    I have a picky eater who is kinda skinny (always has been) and she does great on Taste of the Wild cat food. Doesn't shed much on it either, and doesn't throw up anymore either (from hairballs or overeating).

    My other cat, seems to do fine on anything [​IMG]

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