High humidity and no turning early in incubation


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Jun 16, 2012
I have some eggs in my incubator now that are 17 days into incubation. I have new eggs that I plan to add tonight or maybe tomorrow. If I have the humidity very high for the next week or so, will it hurt the new eggs? The breeder I got the eggs from that are about to hatch said they hatch best when humidity is around 80%. What will 80% humidity do to eggs on their first few days of incubation?

Also, if I lock down the incubator now, will the new eggs be OK without being turned for the first several days?

Finally, day 18 seems to be suggested as the day to quit turning. I'd like to quit turning now, at 17 days, is that a problem?
Quit turning at day 17 is OK. Stop turning for 5 days is OK with my last hatch. Try to hatch at 55-60% humidity without opening the incubator. You will have more chicks than 80%.

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