High humidity, day 3


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We had a not so good,. well,. terrible hatch last week, due to the numbers on our new to us incubator being wayyyy off. 2 chicks out of 48 eggs. So we installed a secondary temp and humidity reader this time around. The new readings are telling us the humidity level is at 82%.. but the incubator says 50%. We've completely emptied the water and tried drying it up the best we could.. will the high humidity affect the eggs this early on? Any ideas how to lower it? Thanks!


Apr 8, 2015
Try adding dry sponges or dry rice to absorb some moisture. I think it is the average humidity you need to worry about. So if you get it under control soon i think you will be okay. I am doing the dry method right now and trying yo keep mine right around 30% until lockdown and so far am having great luck. Mine are due on Mothers day. Also if you say your humidity is in the 80s do you have condensation on the windows? I think if it really was that high there would be a lot of visible condensation. Did you calibrate your hygrometer?

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