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    With my dog, there was a HUGE difference when I took him off of Nutro and put him on a higher quality food (Evo). I am a firm believer in quality of diet = quality of animal.
    I am not confident in the foods for poultry I am finding at TSC. While I am sure they are perfectly fine foods, I would like to have every advantage I can when it comes to beginning my poultry showing "career". That, and I'm an experimenter by nature, so I'd like to see what differences would be seen if diet was tinkered with.

    Where can I get "better" foods? I have ducks, so I'm obviously looking for duck foods. It seems to me that a diet primarily consisting of corn and the rest being made up of other grain meals and soybeans is not really a "natural" duck diet. After all, the last time I was in a natural duck habitat, I did not see anything resembling that.

    Wild ducks eat aquatic plants, fish, frogs, snails, bugs, grass, and the like. I'd like to replicate this as close as possible for my own ducks and see if it makes a difference.

    Is there anywhere I can purchase a pre-made formula that would be anything close to this? Or at the very least, is there anywhere I can purchase I pre-made formula that is not mostly corn, rice, or soy? Organic is nice, but not necessary (my ecology classes taught me that there is no nutritional difference between organic and not).

    Or am I SOL, and if I want to feed anything other than the all-purpose-chicken-duck-turkery-whatever-foods that TSC has, I have to make it myself?
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    I am not going to be much help - I feed Flock Raiser (for my geese, ducks and chickens) but have hear that Mazuri https://www.mazuri.com/Home.asp?Products=2&Opening=2 is a good duck food -- but like you have found, most all feed has corn as the first ingredient.

    Give you a bump to see if others have more ideas.
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    Look in your yellow pages for Feed Mill or Feed Store. The feed mill will be local grown and most fresh. Also the cheapest. Co-op farm store will be the next best. After that finding the closest maker will be good.

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