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I was reading an article about a Senior prank in a town near me. I'm not good at links, but if you search "senior prank post it notes" you can probably find the info. 6 kids put 11,000 post-it notes inside the school, wallpapering doors, bulletin boards & windows.

Most thought it was cute and harmless, but the principal suspended them. The next day, 50 or so kids staged a sit-in . . . . and got suspended too. Sounds like most all of the suspensions have been reversed, and the public is crying foul on the principal! Most all agree that this was pretty darn harmless and kinda cute (one guy even pointed out that the economy was stimulated mightily by the purchase of all those post it notes - they're not cheap ya know, LOL)

One of the comments below the article said that in a previous year the seniors stacked tires up around the flag pole all the way to the top. And this year at a nearby school, all the kids parked cross wise in the parking spaces, instead of diagonal - the principal there got on the announcements and chuckled, then asked them to go move the cars and they did.

SOOOO, it begs the question just for fun: what senior pranks did your class pull?
Someone put goldfish in all the toilets
Had the animal rights activists up in arms, and none of us could use the toilets until all the fish had been removed and rehomed lmao

We also spread california poppy seeds (state flower) all over the football field hehe.

Someone completely saran wrapped/tin foiled the inside of Mr. Duda's classroom.

I know there were more but I can't think of them right now
My daughter is a senior this year and I think the only thing they have done so far is skip school and go to the lake! I am pretty sure that is what they do every year so it is expected.

I heard on the news last night some kids rode their bikes to school and caused quite a traffic jam. Not sure where that was but a lot of people were not happy. I think pranks need to stay in the school and not affect other people like those commuting to work.

As long as it is harmless fun let them get it out of their system before they have to grow up and be responsible. You are a kid only once enjoy it!!
Not only the students had their post it notes, the school fired the janitor her job because she let them in after school hours. I would be in a uproar about the principal's rulings on the students. They should have "Pull a Prank Day" at school, as long it is in harmless and safe fun.

I love the parking lot idea LOL! And bikes to school, so what! Tell those car drivers to lighten up!

I remember when I was in high school (1984) in my senior year, they would duct tape their coach car, so he could not enter the car LOL! Another one was the cherry bomb in the toliets on the second floor, and had to go outside during that fire drill LOL!
Ah yes Ewesheep - I graduated the year after you, those were the days eh? Funny thing is, I don't remember any prank we played (of course, I was a bit of a goodie two shoes, so probably didn't get invited along, LOL)
It's been a while.. but the two pranks I remember most

ALL the home for sale real estate signs, from all over the county were stuck on the front of the HS lawn. There were hundreds of them. Was funny to watch all the realtors out in the yard, picking through to find their signs.

One of our principals was named Kapler, dubed Krapler by the kids.... one year they took an outhouse and hung it on the top of the flag pole and painted "Kraplers office" on it. The outhouse sat behind the HS for the longest time.

Nothing was ever done to anyone... mostly cause they never got caught.

People need to get a sense of humor! (I graduated in 83 too)
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Not a school prank, but funny: many years ago my great-aunt Elma started a small nursing home. Her staff cleaned the staff bathroom REALLY well, ESPECIALLY the toilet. Then they smeared some chocolate on the seat. Elma found it and called them all in, wanting to know "who did it?" Someone walked up, swiped a finger in it and stuck it in their mouth, saying "ain't mine!" Elma about lost her lunch!

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