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  1. brb5

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    Feb 28, 2019
    Oahu, Hawaii
    My user name is BRB5 and live in oahu, hawaii . I got my first chicken back in 2005 and now 14 years later i now have 12 chickens. Theyre all named after local chicken dishes but i dont eat them i just use their eggs. I have two ameraucanas named miso (hen) and mochiko (rooster), two RIR hens named que (like bbq) and nugget, two barred rock hens named shoyu and teri. I have two brahma buff bantam hens named curry and katsu, i have one silkie named tina (my boss gave her to me), a leghorn rooster named noodle, a silver laced wyandotte named hulihuli and lastly a gold laced wyandotte named waffles. i have two more to my flock and that is my pair of mallards named hedwig and quibbler. I have many other pets like my cat, dogs and tortoises' and many fish tanks, since i work in a pet shop i bring work home with me. I also have another job in aquaponics, this job gives me the opportunity to take home some treats for my flock. I knew of this forum and refer to it a lot but I never joined it until now. The reason why i joined this forum is because i wanted to be apart of a community that loves chickens as much as i do (ducks too). I also wanted to be apart of a platform that could help me when i have different questions about my flock. :) Thank you
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    Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
    We have lots of members from Hawaii here! Make yourself at home.
  3. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013

    Aloha, thanks for joining us!

    It sounds like you have a nice flock with a good variety of breeds. Feel free to share photos if you'd like.

    Here's a link to your state thread if you'd like to connect with others from your part of the world:

    Make yourself at home here!
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    Howdy :frow and Welcome to Backyard Chickens.

    Happy :ya to have you here with us. Enjoy your time here at BYC!

    Thanks for joining our community! :celebrate
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    May 22, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined our community of crazy poultry lovers! :lol:
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    Hi and welcome to BYC :frow We're so happy you've decided to join us :ya

    We have a contest going on right now just for new folks like you. In order to enter you'll need to copy the link from your first post in this thread and post it in the contest thread.

    To copy your link address, right click on the link to your thread and click copy or copy link
    [​IMG] then click on the following URL
    Go down to where it says "write your reply..." tell us this is your entry and then click on the link button
    Paste your URL into the box and click "insert", then click "Post Reply".
    That's all there is to it. Once you've finished this, you're eligible to win a nice BYC Calendar.
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    Jul 8, 2018
    Welcome to BYC!

    You’ve certainly come to the right place for all things poultry! :wee

    We’re all so happy you’ve decided to join the BYC flock!

    BYC is filled with plenty of poultry peeps waiting to help & have fun!

    Here’s hoping you find this website to be most helpful!! :wee :welcome :ya
  8. Miss Lydia

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    Welcome to BYC so happy you joined. Love the names of your chickens and ducks come visit the duck forum when you have time. Be sure to bring lots of pics hedwig and quibbler too!
  9. Chick-N-Fun

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    Jun 26, 2014
    Corning, NY
    Welcome to our FUN-omenal community! :celebrate Best wishes and have lots of FUN!!!
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