Hints for picking out mutt bantams


10 Years
Oct 31, 2009
Somerville, AL
I am going to be meeting up with someone who is selling bantam chicks on craigslist. I have only had standard chicks and I have one silkie who was a few weeks old when I got her.

I asked about breeds and they responded "mixed breeds, americana, bb reds, feather footed, 5 toe" they are of varying age but <1 month.

I am interested in calmer, friendly, quiet bantams. Any hints on what to look for to get some "good ones"?

I know what feather footed are and I'm thinking 5-toe are more like silkies but.....

Awww all bantams are good ones in my book..
Try holding them and see which are the friendliest.. And pick out the colors you like. Mixed "mutts" can be the cutest chickens to have as pets.

The bb reds are old english and will be tiny.

The feather footed could be cochins or d'uccles or silkies.

Have fun and be sure to post pics.

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