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May 20, 2010
San Diego
So I got home late from work tonight and my bf had forgotten to shut the coop up and my three BR ladies were sleeping outside the coop, two EEs inside- I went to go grab the three girls to put them on the roost and heard a sound on the fence- looked up and there was a HUGE opossum standing and staring at me about 12 feet away. I yelled and threw some small rocks and it did not even budge, so I got closer and waved a shovel around- no response- it then started climbing down the fence TOWARD me! EEK! so while it was still up there I grabbed a brick- ran up and threw it at from about three feet away, solid hit! Opossum and brick fell to other side of fence (over grown empty dark lot) I couldn't see it so I am not sure how it fared.. but the girls are safe so I am relieved- thank goodness I got home!!
Oh wow! Sounds like hard work!! Lol! Glad no one and chicken wasn't hurt!
It is unlikely that an opossum would try to hurt your full grown hens, but they will steal eggs. Opossums are cool blooded mostly vegetarians. On the other hand between the tail and the teeth I don't want to prove any of it.
cool blooded vegetarian? live birth, fur, milk..... sounds like a warm blooded mammal. many sharp pointy teeth..... carnivore. omnivorous i'll agree with but i've seen too many possums eat meat for herbivore.

you got lucky. possums are egg stealers and can kill grown chickens.
Hmm, well I hope I didn't hurt it too bad if it wasn't going for the hens, though stealing eggs isn't really appealing either! He was very unnerving just staring at me- completely unafraid!
In the past, we lost several full grown adult hens to opossums. They would come down out of the tree that was growing through the fencing on our old run and kill them. The coop was close enough moms bedroom that she could hear the rampage, grab a flashlight and know what kind of a critter was doing the attacking.

Opossums are not your chicken coop pals.....
I thought possums ate about anything.Last winter when I found a dead possum in with my Mastiffs I assumed it was after uneaten dog food.It is very common here for my house dogs to go on alert to the front door and when I open it there's a possum eating cat food.
LOL - I don't know why, but the 'Brick-Thrower' title just tickles me.

All Hail the Brick-Thrower.


Nice shot, BTW.
eta: I hope I never irritate you when I'm in target range.
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