Hmmm.. loose stone or patio blocks?

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    May 8, 2008
    in front of the coop door and around the run?
    We currently have dirt and decomposing leaves:|. Nothing is going to grow due to the foot traffic. So grass is out. But I want and need it to look nice. PLus I have to stop the "mud"
    splash from the rain on the front of the coop. Looks awful. Thoughts?

    I am also planning on getting plant hangers to put on the run so I can hang flowering baskets to dress it up some more. We also have a BIG dirt circle where the pool goes. But that will be sand by next pool season.[​IMG]


    this is a picture not showing the recent upgrades to coop and run. Pool has been empty for a week or two now as well. Watch us hit 90 next week
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    How about creeping thyme? It loves to be trampled on! You could even put it between the pavers.

    I would go for the patio blocks. I know our flock hates walking on gravel because our farm drive is gravel.
  3. We have granite pavers and rocks (because, as you know, we have no shortage of rocks in MA!) around the coop with stone dust in between, which eventually breaks down after about 5 years but can be replaced pretty easily. We have concrete pavers elswhere in our yard, and while they are less expensive than granite they must be installed on a good layer of stone dust or they will crack in a cold MA winter. Granite pavers are stone and will not crack and can be placed right into the dirt.

    When the girls free range the stone dust gives them grit too. The rocks provide a nice transition and additional critter control. Good drainage too.


    The landscaping looks pretty gnarly though; I need to work on that!


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