Hoarder? I prefer Collector


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
So, this being my second year of the chicken experience, I have now decided to refer to my new obsession as the Hobby of Collecting Chickens.

Last year I started with 2 gold wyandottes (boring to me) 1 brown leghorn, 1 austrolorpe, 1 EE.

Then came the 2 bantam cochins.
Next 2 silkies.

This chick season, I have searched for more specific rare chicks.

I now have currently in the Basement Brothel:
2 EE (not so rare, bit gotta love those colors)
2 mystery bantams
1 buff Orpington (couldn't resist)
1 buff brahma
1 Ancona
1 Blue Andalusian

And I have 1 Fluer d' Uccles on order. Or was it 2?

Then IM DONE. I SWEAR......... for this season at least...
famous last words
Just wait til you saw awww how cute and fluffy...They are like potato chips you can just have one..... But its nice sometimes to be able to say I have one of those, two of those, one of them..... lol We don't count our birds anymore... We just count how many more coops need to be finished and how many more do we need to build....hahaha
LOL!! Before our last chicken group meet, my DH made me watch the chicken episode of animal hoarding. I don't even have that many chickens!!!

I have 1 Buff Orp, and 2 Australorps that give me eggs =3 chickens.
I also have 3 pullets that don't give me eggs, so they don't count.
I have 2 OEGB hens that only give me tiny eggs, so combined, they might be 1/2 a chicken....totalling 3.5 chickens now.
Then I have my two OEGB roos, that are still babies (less than 4 months old), so they don't count,
and I have one Serama chick, that will only grow to be about the size of 1/6th of a chicken, so she can't possibly count.

I don't understand why he's making such a big deal about 3.5 chickens!!

The show said hoarding started at 10 animals that you can't take care of.... I'm not anywhere close...
I like your way of counting...do you think that would work for any type of critter? ya know like those zebus (mini cattle) or those tiny dogs?
Thanks SunnyCalifornia I think I will try your way of counting when my hubby's friend asks us how many critters we have out here....
Right. 10 animals that you CAN'T take care of. I can take care of all my birds perfectly well. Perhaps even too well, considering the 50lb bag of 5 grain TREAT, and table scraps, and cabbage "tetherball" I even pick grass blades for the chickies that I don't let free range. (The little banties stay in the 17ft X 15ft run, so I bring the "outside" to them.)

So, therefore, my DH...I am not a Hoarder, but a Collecter of fine poultry.

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