Hole in dirt. What predator is this?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by vicparker502, Jul 5, 2017.

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    A couple of weeks ago I got four chicks (naked necks), I had been keeping them inside in a crate type thing with everything they need while I wait for their coop to be delivered this weekend. My husband and I decided to make a little home/area/pen for them to enjoy the outside during the day time while I'm around and can keep an eye on them, then we bring them back inside before evening. It is made out of wood and chicken wire. I noticed a tiny hole in the dirt inside of their pen today before I put them in there. I didn't see an exit hole around and thought the chicks had made it (they were digging around in that area the day before). I covered the hole with dirt, checked around the area to make sure nothing was hiding and put them in the pen. I checked on them regularly for about an hour, and came to find the hole was there again and I saw an exit hole right on the outside of the pen very close by. I still didn't see a predator and grabbed my baby chicks up. They are back inside. The hole was not even an inch in diameter. What could this be? I've seen a lot of lizards in my yard in the past, but I've never seen a snake. Could this have been a snake trying to get the chicks? That was my initial thought, but the hole was pretty small. If the hole was made in the few minutes I wasn't watching them, why didn't the predator get them then? This is my first time owning chicks, so any advice would be helpful. We are getting our coop this weekend from someone who has had chickens for years, so I'm sure it will be predator proofed pretty well, but I need help for the meantime.
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    Hardware cloth used a "skirt" around the entire coop or run will help prevent digging predators.
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    I feel that you are about to make the acquaintance of Mr. Mouse. If however it is a lizard, your chickens will soon be getting a shot of protein.
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    A pic of the hole with a quarter next to it for scale,
    and knowing where in the world you live,
    would be very helpful to solve this mystery.

    Tho if less than an inch, probably nothing that could hurt chicks.

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