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    Dec 14, 2014
    I went out this morning an found something had dug a hole in the very dead center of my run 4ft from either side and 8ft from either end. I keep straw down on the dirt floor and it had all been pushed away from the opening. My husband let them out yesterday and so the door was open all day. The hens were all ok, so I am assuming it isn't a weasle. when I built it last spring I buried hardware cloth a foot deep and two feet out around the entire perimeter even under the door.I also covered the entire run in hardware cloth, not chicken wire. I noticed the same thing months ago outside the run. If by chance it is a rat, how will I know, and is it harmful to chickens?
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    What kind of hole is it? A drill hole like a rat, or wider? The chickens could have dug it while dust bathing. If you have ducks they will make drill holes with their beaks, looking for worms. Hardware cloth often does not deter rats.
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    Can you get a photo of the hole? Seeing the actual hole can be very helpful in sorting out likely culprits.
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    Ditto^^^..... a pic of hole with something common next to it for scale, like a quarter or a dollar bill.

    And stick something down the hole to see how deep it is.
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    Whatever it is, put a water hose and fill it with water.

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