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Aug 13, 2013
Randleman, NC
My 6wk and 5wk old chicks have been very happy in their coop (which is 8X16) and happy in their pen (which is 16X20). Plenty of room to play. But, today a big hawk was sitting on the ground outside of their pen. When I shouted at him, he flew up on the pen and then flew off. The whole pen has hardware cloth on it. We have it really secure. Of course the little chicks don't know that and the hawk scared them to death! They have not been outside today since that happened. Also, it is a little windy today and I think every leaf that blows across the top of the pen they think is that hawk. Will they snap out of it soon? I coaxed a few of them out with mealworms, but then they ran back inside.
They'll get over it eventually. Mine also have a totally enclosed pen, and when a hawk has tried testing it they seek refuge in their coop for quite some time after. They'll never get over blowing leaves (or butterflies, moths, ect). That's just a chicken thing. They assume that everything that moves wants to eat them, bc usually it does. No worries :)
Thanks "Virginia". I went down to the coop several times and they finally came out late this afternoon and walked around a little. I could tell they were really stressed, because they were so nervous and flighty. Most of them like to be held and I think I did help calm them. It is sad they have to live afraid of anything that moves, because we are doing everything we can to protect them. Wish they knew that.
You think that's bad? They stay freaked out for weeks after a severe dog or raccoon attack.
Somehow a beagle got into a pen and didn't do much damage but barked and harassed a flock for what must have been about 10 minutes. They wouldn't come outside for almost a week and I didn't get an egg from that coop for 2 months.

I think that's why a broody hen seems to be more aggressive than a mother dog or cat.
Chickens are prey, dogs and cats are predators.
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