Holes in webbing of foot?


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My mom got some new ducks about a week ago and they seem happy and healthy. They are not tame but I caught one of them today and noticed that she(?) has several holes in the webbed part of her foot. She walks fine and they don't seem painful but I'm wondering if this is normal? Some of the holes are about as wide/round as a pencil, some are much much smaller. I didn't have a camera nearby unfortunately and didn't want to stress her out by holding her too long.
One is a muscovy, I'm not sure about the smaller one (which is the one I've noticed the holes on, I haven't caught the larger duck). Here's a picture... The one in front is the one I caught. They were purchased from Callahans which is a feed/general store that orders from a hatchery, but I'm not sure which one.

Thank you! So the holes are probably not a concern?

I definitely think the smaller duck is younger, (s)he still has some downy stuff instead of feathers on the back of her neck while the larger one is fully "slicked out." I need to get some better pictures of them so I can ask about gender!
muscovy are hard to tell until they get a bit older. Girls trill and boys huff huff. The males are much larger too as older juveniles and adults.

I wouldnt be too worried unless the webbing was torn. A hole like a single hole paper punch is likely a mark from who hatched them.
Definitely lots of trilling- I was trying to think of a word to describe the noise they make, thats perfect hehe.
Thank you again!

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