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Nov 24, 2018
Hey y’all! I am a new flock keeper (one year in December). We live in Mississippi on about 25 mostly wooded acres. So beautiful!! I started with 7 chicks, went through a horrible dog attack not once but twice this year. I have a beautiful friend and mentor who kept resupplying me with chickens and babies from her own flock as I learned that I could NOT free range my babies without supervision! At present I have a fabulous barred rock roo named Beauregard, a buff Brahma hen (Dottie), a lavender Orpington hen (Dovey), a barred rock hen (Barb), a sassy white mix (Bailey), and a honey colored mix with pretty feathered feet (Becky). I also have four 17 week old knuckleheads: 3 black frizzle Cochins who didn’t turn out to be frizzled (Freddy Mercury, Grace Slick, and Mrs. Tinkles), and a right nice Lavender Orpington roo, Prince. As you can probably tell they are ALL my babies and I spend a lot of time spoiling them and cuddling them. Some however do NOT wanna participate so I don’t force them. I am grateful to become a part of BYC because of all the PRICELESS years of combined knowledge on here! I’m so grateful there is a forum like this to come together with Questions/concerns/answers and sometimes just an “I’m sorry for your loss .” I also have 2 older gentlemen spotted saddle horses, a border collie, and a chihuahua mix.


Apr 6, 2016
SW France
I am a new flock keeper (one year in December)
Snap! I got my first 3 girls a few days before Christmas last year! Now I'm up to 18 :lau:lau
Bonjour and welcome from France :frow

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