Holy crap they love scrambled eggs!!


12 Years
Feb 3, 2008
Fingerlakes Upstate, NY
Still seems odd to me, but they go ape poopy over the stuff!!! They were all a bit standoffish at first when I gave it to them a week or so ago. Now, they see that little container come in the brooder…it looks like a miniature version of me attacking a plate of BBR ribs!!
Today I was bit by my buff orp rooster. It was not towards aggressiveness or anything of the sorts. I was 15 minutes late for feeding time lol. right on the finger. I can totally understand how he was feeling.

They totally love scrambled eggs. Mine where scared of bananas. Now they freak out when I give them some
My adult birds will rip your arm if you dont put thier bowl of oatmeal down fast enough !! mine also love eggs - just drop the food and stand back is all we can do LOL

Weird.... my chickens do not eat the eggs??

I tossed out a pan of homemade hash browns with red, yellow and orange peppers and scrambled eggs the other day.

My chickens ate all the hash browns and peppers and left all the eggs.

My dogs after the chickens were done eating were allowed to clean up the eggs.

I thought for sure my girls would eat the eggs to but not one of my 6 ate them. I sat out there and watched to. They would pick up an egg piece and then shake their head's and drop it.
I haven't tried eggs yet, they are still too much in demand, but I did give them a carton of yogurt the other day...they loved it as everyone here has said! When the day comes that I have "extras" the girls will have their treat!
Whenever the daycare I work at gets a ton of baby food from commodities that is close to the expiration date or of a kind that we are not to feed the babies (The food inspector says nothing that says dessert or has meat and something in it ex. Peach Cobbler or Beef Noodle Dinner) Then they give me the cases. I will give one jar to each pen once a week or so. They go nuts! Its like Chicken Candy! Now I'm always looking at the babyfood sales at Walmart. I have picked up Squash and Carrots that they just adore. The peach cobbler is their favorite though!

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