Holy meat monsters Batman!


9 Years
Nov 7, 2010
Monroe, Wa
Wow...I have a hen with five 10 day old chicks in the run with 3 other hens and 3 serama. Its cold and snowy here so I took them some cut up steak leftovers...
You would think there were no feeders, no cabbages, no scratch, no BOSS, no bread ever tossed in that run! My word!!! Those little chicks went just as nuts as the big girls and were taking them on for the steak! Holy cow! Chicks running all over with a scrap way to big to get down in one bite, attempts at flying away with their prize. Mad dashes into the nest boxes to try and swallow before anyone else got it. Screaming peeping and flogging to keep their prize! Even the big hens who were nuts had to stop and look at those lil peepers gone wild. sheeeze remind me never to fall down in there...
Next time I am going out with the video camera, that was peeper mayhem if I have ever seen Mayhem! ha!
lol I did not expect the lil guys to stand up to the big chickens and refuse to give in. Big hens trying to take their treat away were met with much resistance!! lol ferocious lil things!!
It kinda looked like that out there today
Made me check to make sure I had no open wounds just in case it might attract them lol
It always cracks me up to watch the brooder in the summer, even the littlest chicks go after flies and then run like mad all over the brooder with it. It ends up getting dropped more times than not because they are going crazy to keep their prey from the others.

I like the subject line you chose
I am not getting to watch them to much, momma has them and she is in charge. I sneak out and grab one now and then when she isnt looking. but they are fun! I will be hatching some in the bator sometime this month so I might have some fun then. and they were monsters man...

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