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    Sep 13, 2012
    I have now 6 and they basicly take care of themselves. I just returned home after being away for 5 days and nights. I left a large amount of food and water for them and I've tested their ability to consider living in trees. They let themselves out in the morning and regroup to go into their elevated house full of straw in the evening. They have very consistant habits and travel the same trails through out the day time. They are molting now and even have certain areas where they primp and have bowls in different areas of the yard and change where they sand wash on different days in those bowls. I leave the garage/studio door open during the day and they have started having their meetings in there. They really like hanging around the motorcycles in there and enjoy very much when I leave the back door open so they can travel through to another part of the yard rather having to come back out the way they entered. They get on well with my two cats and big shepard and sometime play chase and be chased with the dog. I'm thrilled to have them and watch and interact with them every day. Now I don't know if this makes a difference but I clean their sleeping house every day except when I'm gone a few days and feed them and fresh water them as well. I know they would like to come into the house as well because they are very curious about places they can not enter, but I draw the line there because like my other animals they are not house broken and I have to clean the garage about every 5 days because of their droppings. I have noticed that they are very much cleaner with their sleeping quarters and drop outside mostly.I could go on talking about them for hours but I'm getting tired of pecking these keys so until my fingers are in the mood again I say happy waddle watching, regards same
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    Arent they a HOOT.... Have you put out any mirrors for them yet? OMG...

    Oh and [​IMG] from San Diego County


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