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    Howdy all.. Yes I know it has been some time that I've posted but running two businesses and chickens, goats, wife, and kids... But I wanted to share this with you. I have of course owned several different types of incubators including a Brinsea octagon Eco, little giant, gqf 1602n, gqf Hova genesis 1588' and my latest a gqf 802 cabinet old school.

    What I have here is another of my contraptions. This is a upright freezer that compressor had gone out. I got it for free and didn't want want to spend a bunch on it.. As you will see, i used a incandescent 75 watt bulb, and a thermostat out of a old industrial heat exchanger. Also showing a back up hot water heater thermostat. Now the egg turners are bought, but the first test I hand turned all of the eggs. This current set has a development rate very high, as I only have 3 eggs that aren't developing. Half the duck eggs are shipped, the rest are either mine, or locally picked up. A couple of air holes are drilled. Cut two squares of sheet metal on a pivot screw to open or close.


    Freezer ----$0.00
    Light socket --- $0.00 (used.. Pulled out of my junk box as u see part of it is broke)
    Wire ---- $0.00. (cuts off of old junk)
    Terminal strip $0.00. Pull out of an old speaker box
    Thermostat 1 $0.00 pulled out of an old heat exchanger
    Thermostat 2 $0.00 pulled out of an old hot water heater top thermostat
    Power cord $0.00 pulled off of an old box fan
    Light bulb $2.00 pack of 4. All I have is cf bulbs so...I have 3 spares
    Water pan $0.50 bread pan from a yard sale
    Foil 2.00
    Down fan$0.00 pulled out of an old powerSupply
    Up fan $0.00 don't know where but it was out of my junk box
    Two thermostats and one hygrometer $ 30.00

    Total $34.50

    Time to build 2 hours

    The turners .. Well one was used, two are new and wasn't part of the initial build.

    Here is the video of in operation

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    Yes this is a home made incubator.. Lol
  3. Very nice! I've never hatched eggs before but that look like a great way to go. I have a empty fridge sitting in the garage right now. Maybe I'll talk hubby into turning into an incubator. [​IMG]
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    Clever! I wish I had the know-how!
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    It looks like the expensive kind they sell.Very nice [​IMG]

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