home remedies for sinus infection?

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  1. Ugggg, I feel like I have coryza!

    Aside from sinus flushing and drinking lots of fluids & Emergen'Cee, what else helps?

    How often should you flush your sinuses if you are trying to head off an infection?

  2. Take Olive Leaf Extract ..look it up does wonders for colds as it actually destroys many viruses Good luck hope you feel better!!
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    heat some water (about 1/2 a gallon) in the micro or on the stove, adding 1 tsp of salt; put it in a dish or pan and place once it boils (not a full boil, just a small one). Grab a large bath towel and take the hot water pan/bowl to your kitchen table. Place bath towel over your head with the bowl/pan of hot water under neath it. Inhale the steam for 5 minute increments, making sure no steam escapes.

    It may be a little hard to breath at first, but if you can do this a few times a day, you'll feel MUCH better. Plus as an added benefit, you'll give yourself a facial in the process [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2007
    If you have an infection it's probably best if you go to the doctor to see if you can to get some antibiotics. Sinus infections are rotten....when I had one years ago I had the worst headache from a secondary infection from a cold....not fun.
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    nothign worked on mine. I finally gave up and went to the doctor for a Rx. Worked after two days. yay drugs
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    You can add some cinnamon to that water and salt...it will also help. You can also drink hot water with honey and cinnamon.
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    Quote:You can flush with salt water as often as you like, I do it twice a day when I think I am coming down with something. I haven't had a full blown cold/sickness in, I can not remember!
    So, get your netti pot out and start flushing!
    Also, if you are blowing alot and your nasal canals are dry, try aloe with sea salts and a cue tip swab.
    Hope you feel better.

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    This is not a home remedy but when my daughter had a cold recently she went to the store to get tissues and came home with Puffs Plus with Vicks. It helped her breath easier and her nose and lips didn't get red or chapped. Now we buy nothing else but this tissue.
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    Henry's Mom and HarlansHollowAussies hit it "on the nose"...
    Our Doctor prescribed nasal saline rinses 5-6x a day for infections... either the method described by " HM" or by using Generic bottles of nasal saline from Walmart/Walgreens/Kmart etc....

    along with using "Shower Soother" tablets with LOTS of steam,
    or a nice menthol bath soak (look for medicated bath crystals- do NOT add pure menthol to bath water--OUCH!!!)

    LOTS of Chicken broth made with FRESH crushed garlic...

    Also-- IF you are not a "teetotaler"....
    Microwave (or heat on stove top) a mug of Vernor's until coffee/tea temperature.. add 1 shot of Whiskey, a squeeze of lemon and 1 tsp Honey... sip. (You can use Tea instead of Vernor's, but the ginger really helps!)

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  10. I'm gonna try it all, and go to the doctor if I'm not better in a day or two (I can go on Saturday or Monday). They'll want me to wait a couple days to see if it's a cold, anyway.

    I steamed my face (and drooled) over a bowl of too-hot noodle soup with lots of garlic, green curry, and ginger. [​IMG] Mmmmmm.

    The flushing seems to help most, tho. 6x a day sounds good to me.

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