Homemade bator " try'n it out !!!!"

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    [​IMG] I made this incubator and I'm having trouble get'n the temp and humidity right. [​IMG] The temp switch doesn't turn off or on right and I've left it alone for 15 different nights try'n to get it to stablize. Any suggestions, I've tried 2 different switches and different bulbs 15 to 40 watt, I'm lost, HELP, plz!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ok moved the stat and the temp gauge, so far so good just doing the fine tuning. I'll post more pics later.
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    okay,,, i am thinking that your heat is provided by the light bulb??? and the circulation is from the cooler it's self???? well the main problem you have is that you need to move the thermostat way closer, to the bulb, that would help you out a lot, SORRY,,,, but you are going to have to take down all the wires and bolts holding the thermostat where it is and move your thermostat closer to the bulb.... here i will provide a picture of my experiment incubator ,,,....(i use a rubber maid tub to see how well the thermostat holds up with the light)........... here is the pic [​IMG] and you will see the thermometer it shows the light bulb is holding a great temp [​IMG]
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    you can see that the thermostat is placed very close to the light bulb, yet with the fan the whole tub is held at the same temp,,,, most homemade incubator Newbies, wanna place the thermostat where the eggs are Right???,,,, well WRONG!!! lol.... but the thermostat needs to by right next to the light,,,,, i will also show you a couple of videos to help you out okay!!!.... this is just a video to tell you how placing the thermostat in a certain place makes the incubator work way better and this next video will show you how to make your thermostat very temperature sensitive hope this helps a lot [​IMG] [​IMG] good luck
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    I don't want to insult anyone but is Robert wired right? It's hard to tell from the way the wires are ran.

    Now I agree the bulb and T-stat need to be closer. You might want to go with a higher watt bulb also IMO.


    Sorry the pic is sideways
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    Your best bet is to get rid of the hot water thermostat and order a gqf wafer therm. It is only a few dollars more but will hold your temps within 1 degree and no surprise variations.
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    That fan is so awesome looking Robert! Looks really professional, lol.
  7. [​IMG] Thanks for all the help, only thing I need to know is the humidity, can't get it where it's supposed to be at, any ideas????? [​IMG]
    Thanks again, everyone
  8. Quote:Yeah I got it wired right, my nephew does electric work and has for over 10 yrs, thanks though, lol
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  9. Quote:[​IMG] Headed to the garage right now to get'er done. I'll give an up-date later on today sometime, as long as I remember [​IMG]
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    I use a 15 watt bulb with a computer fan. I use a sponge for the humidity.

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