Homemade No Crow Collar

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by CrispFire, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Were you ever able to get them to get along? I have 5 ducks that are 8 weeks old, 3 chicks who are 4 weeks, and new chicks hatching, and a friend just called and begged me to take 5 adult hens and a rooster, I am worried about them all getting along, the ducks and older hens/rooster and going to be introduced on friday, I am thinking of letting the ducks free range and putting the hens/rooster in the run so they can see each other before putting them in but not sure how this will go!
  3. Thank you, I couldn't find the Velcro fabric, but sewed a 1.25" tube of flannel and applied the Velcro tape as you showed. I will try it on our handsome fellow tomorrow, he is just now starting with the gargling crow. I'm hoping this works. Though I wouldn't mind the crowing, but he has to fly under the radar here.
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    Thank you. I've gotten very attached to my rooster, who I just now found out for sure is a rooster. Hard to keep kidding yourself when you're just a few feet away when he crows. Haven't got a lot of money but I do have a roll of Velcro. Thank you so much.
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    I'm going to go try this right now!
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    Hi all, I hate to resurrect a thread that hasnt been used in years but I did have some questions as to a homemade collar I made for a pair of my SUPER loud hens. I made a collar with velcro as described but I think I have my placement of the collar off as when the hens eat they get a bulge of food on the side of their neck above the collar which they "swallow" right after I take the collar off. They are fine they continue to eat and can drink fine but the food bulge (not the crop) is a little unnerving. Should the collar be placed lower on the neck or higher up, right below the face which is where I had it? also what width is the velcro that is to be used for the collar? Thanks for the help
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    Glad I found this. I raised 14 chickens this year and wouldn't you know it my favorite since I brought the day olds home ends up being a rooster. He's a beautiful Blue Langshan and although I have no need for a rooster in the city I would hate to have to get rid of him. We've had chickens for years and now I finally know what it's like to get attached. Found a roll of double sided velcro at Home Depot today and tried this for the first time. He hates it and won't leave it alone. If this doesn't work are there any other options besides a pot?
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    I'm having the same situation play out in my flock. My most prized chicken, a blue laced red wyandotte, ended being a roo. He started crowing at abround 6 weeks and now he's nearly 9 weeks and crowing at the sight of my husband, my eldest son, and of course my dog. I live in a neighborhood and I'm sure my neighbors won't appreciate it. We've been doing the collar, but it's not really working.

    The other option that I've read about is putting somewhere dark to sleep at night. It doesn't help the daytime crowing though, just that early morning crowfest. I was thinking about taking him and maybe his favorite girlfriend and just keeping them in a large dog crate in my garage at night. We'll see. I'm hoping the collar's just not working because he's still a small guy.

    I also read one post about training a rooster not to crow by penning them inside whenever it crows. Not an option for me.
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    OK i need 3 of these but i have no ability to sew anyone willing ? i have cornish hens and 2 are roos id love to keep them . Please email me [email protected]
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