Homemade predator repellant...


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
We had a problem with racoons getting our hens and then a bobcat got 6 in one night. I started trying to come up with a way to keep the chickens safer without spending a fortune, and made my own repellant that has been working for the last six months. We grow a lot of habanero and jalapeno and other hot peppers, so I boil them with cut up onions and chili powder in a massive chili pot. Put it in a huge spray bottle and spray about a foot out from the coop and bingo- no more predators. We even sat out there the first night we put it out and watched a raccoon burn his nose on it and scamper off while desperatly rubbing his nose and sneezing. Was highly amusing! :) And its cheep since we grow the peppers and onions ourselves. I keep a gallon or so in a big plastic bottle and just reaplly every few days. Anyone else make their own repellant to use around a chicken coop to keep predators away? Interested in other recipies in case they become immune to this one (doubtful, but just to be prepared!).
If you have a large intact male dog that pees on things that will deter a good many predators, and rabbits and sometimes even deer.
I will have to try this! I don't have a predator problem *knock on wood* but its always good to be safe! This doesn't bother the chickens does it?
Nope, they seem to ignore it even immediately after I spray it. I only spray on outside of the coop though. I coat the wood casing on the outside bottom, and then spray out about a foot. I'll have to take the video cam out and see if I can get a video next time I put it out (really rainy right now, so no real point) and post it. It was great listening to him squawk and watching him rub his nose. We still see prints, but they stop well clear of the sprayed area.
Awesome! I have raccoons and coyotes go around the coop all the time, none have gotten in yet but it would be nice to repel them all together.
We have not seen our resident bobcat lately (after his 6 chicken dinner one night *glares*) so I'm unable to say for sure that it works on larger predators. I haven't been seeing the bobcat's prints either, so I'm thinking maybe it just moved on to pester someone else. So far its keeping opossums and raccoons out, that we know of. Also we have no rat problem and it keeps squirrels from getting in the coop to share the chickens dinner :)
We've seen glimpses of bobcats around here, too. Main problems have been with coons and foxes though. We're currently starting completely over (new coop, new pen, new chickens...) and re-doing everything because of predators, so I'll definitely keep this in mind. I bet your kitchen was smelling hot and spicy though, and burning your eyes?

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