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Jan 6, 2014
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My Coop
This is my one and only Buff Polish. She is not showable due to an injury to one toe as a chick. However, I am considering breeding a small number of Buff Polish. And, i want to start with good birds. If she shows potential then I will start looking for a good rooster.

She is about 12-14 weeks old. So, not laying age yet.

She shows very little to no lacing in the feathers, especially in the crest. She needs a few more months to evaluate more on body type. Her crest is already starting to divide and flop in the center. Unless you are using her for a color project she's a maybe, I wouldn't bother using her in a breeding pen for good buff laced.
I'm borrowing these pics from google, but this is closer to the color you are aiming for. Not sure if anything that light will ever help you get there.

Thank you for the honest assessment. She is such a character, and fun to have around. However, I was concerned about the appearance of her feather color. She will stick around as a bit of living "yard art." As for breeding and showing stock, now I am in the market for a breeder of show quality bloodlines/birds.

Anyone willing to sell 12+ Buff Polish eggs for proven show bloodlines can send me a private message.
Well, she is some beautiful yard art!

You probably already know, but just in case.... Even though they come from show quality lines, not many will actually be show quality. I saw they are starting a new place to have all the updated breeder information in one place here on BYC. That should be helpful once it gets rolling.

Good luck!

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