Honeysuckle bad for chickens?

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  1. Just curious...as my yard has several bushes. Thanks.
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    I was told yes it was poisoneous but my chickens at it and they are fine.

  3. My chickens like to roost in ours and have for years. If it is poisonous, I think they must be smart enough to not eat it.
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    Certain varieties are poisonous, some certain parts are, some varieties should be very good for chickens (winter greens).

    As a kid we fed our chickens for 10 years on Japanese Honeysuckle (invasive).
    I have fed it to my current chickens for 2 years.
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  5. There are many species of honeysuckle and to complicate the issue, the term 'honeysuckle' is often a local name applied to many plants in many places. You'd have to show us a pic of 'your' honeysuckle. We have hedges about 400' long and chickens belonging to neighbors often forage under them and take berries and bugs. But is 'my' honeysuckle the same as yours?

    Also in some states and provinces some varieties are banned.


    Ours is red honeysuckle like this, I had to search for a while to find the correct variety:

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  6. Thanks for the info. I figured there were too many varieties out there.

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