hook beaked? Need advice


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Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I have some chicks that look as if they have a bit of too long of a beak? I have thought of taking some finger nail clippers and clipping them back but was not sure.

These came from a breeder and wonder if this kind of thing is passable to chicks? Also should I leave them alone or try to file them back?

If you look here you can see what I mean.
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I have a brahma hen whose beak is overgrown -- it clicks when she eats. I have gently trimmed and filed it down, but it grows back. (I guess they don't grow back if they are deeply trimmed.) What I've done now is to provide her with a couple of rough bricks against which she scrapes her beak. It wears it down really nicely. I would try that -- it is the least invasive.

Cute chick.

I usually leave a couple of solid concrete paving stones in the run for birds to file their beaks down on. I works very well. No stress, no bleeding and no hassle because they are doing it on their own. The only beak I trim is one of my birds with crossbeak, and even she files her beak mostly down where it should be at. I just try to clean up the edges sometimes.

You could file them back if you want, but if they are not impeding the birds' eating in any way then I wouldn't worry about it overmuch.

Good luck.

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