Hope they fit...

I think it's adorable, I would like to have something like that for my few Bantam Cochins. It's really nice.

It looks like it should fit 6 hens, the house part might be a little cramped at night but my chickens huddle under eachothers wings anyway

Thanks for the idea! We had chicken barns up the road from us when we first moved here, they tore them down but they weren't near as neat as yours. We also had a Very old chicken coop/run here but sfter we got rid of our chickens after a few years we decided "we will never have chickens again." lol. It looked more like yours but the inside was set up with a whole row of boxes and roosts in front of those.
Thanks Bleenie haha! Well it's an addiction...

I don't prefer the red either so I'm painting it light blue to match my shutters

and I'm taking out that last roost farthest from the door to put in a nest box... then building a bit of shade in the run by making the food door solid.
Ugh I went to Home depot tonight and shouldn't have!!!

I bought a sheet of plywood, 9 pieces of 2x2, screws washers, lamp and paint for the coop...

instead of light blue to match the shutters I got Cornmeal Yellow (How IRONIC!) and when I pick the boards up tomorrow I still have to get hinges, latches, handles, wheels, and more wire Agh double the budget my but! And I'm getting the rest of the wood for free and still doubled the budget but I am just starting up... I'm buying a rubbermaid from Walmart and chicks and feed from local feed store.
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Are you extending it or building something else, like a brooder? What are all the extras for?

Cornmeal yellow...is it bright or pastel?
I am personally a fan of pastels, the kitchen is bright pastel green & the bathroom is pastel purple

I want to find a pretty blue for the new coop/sheds we have to build for the ducks & calves. yellow would be nice though too

ETA: I am SO glad i didn't go to the hardware store today, i got a friend of my mothers to cute me some 2x2's out of a bigger piece of lumber so i can finish my coop door...i know i would have brought home a bunch of extra stuff if i went!!
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