Hope this is the correct place to put this-sweating eggs


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Has anyone ever received hatching eggs in the mail that were sweating? Will they hatch? What causes it? I received some and don't know what to do with them.Should I try incubating them?
James, have you ever taken an egg out of the fridge and left it on the counter? As it warms, it sweats. That would be my guess, that the eggs had been someplace cold, and then warmed, either in your house, or from warmer weather, causing them to sweat. Good luck.
James,eggs that are sweating are usually infected with bacteria and I would not set them and risk ruining the rest of your eggs.
The eggs build up gas pressure inside,from the bacteria and that pressure forces moisture, within the egg ,out through the pores of the shell.

Are the eggs up to room temperature and still sweating?
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That doesnt sound good at all.I've ordered know telling how many orders of eggs and never had them sweat like this.I'm going to break out my old styrofoam bator for these eggs to incubate by themselves and keep an eye on them.I would just toss them but I really want these to hatch.Hopefully it was just tempature change like carriehelene said.We will know pretty soon.I will give everyone an up date in about 8 days when I candle.
I don't believe that it means they have bacteria. I agree with the person who mentioned the change in temperature causing the sweating. I have seen this myself and don't feel it is an issue. I have actually already taken eggs out of the refrig and let them come to room temp before putting them in the incubator. They sweated just like you mention as they warm up. They also hatched just fine and without any issues of bacteria risk.
Ow... I hope they don't blow up in the other bator, that would be an incredibly ucky mess to clean after!

Good luck, here's some good mojo towards good eggs!
I,ve got them resting now and they don't seem to be sweating anymore so I'm leaning toward the temp change so they will go in the bator this evening.

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