Hope to be the last time, this season... 11 weeks Welsummer and EE, Mystery Chick


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Mar 26, 2017
I am still second guessing myself, but I have pegged 5 of the 18 as roos... so frustrating.

First, this is Hermoine. Supposed to be Welsummer. Black and salmon chest (nice, right?!) but I don't see overt boy saddle feathers or hackles. Was caught making a nest today... do roos do this? I know coloring says boy, but feathers still look female? One of the biggest chicks, has always been a leader. Hen or roo? And if hen, is Hermoine a mix, possibly?

Next is Latte... almost as big as Hermoine. White head, black feathers. I see no red, but that curved tail bothers me. Also tussles for top spot. Such a pretty bird! Hen or roo?

Center in pic below

This is Fluffer Nutter, which is an ironic name, the chick took FOREVER to feather. Now that they are in, I am pretty sure it's still a she, as the feathering looks female to me. Now, if she will lay? I have heard that some like this from hatcheries that never feather are unlikely to lay.

Dorothy, the mystery chick... neighbors thought she was ours and put her in our coop, but she wasn't. She is ours now! ;) I assume EE with muffs and green legs. Pretty sure she is a she, but what do you think she is crossed with due to that black head and coloring?

Next, Checkers, who I have pegged as roo from early on. Red shoulders, curved tail. Still, Checkers is a fairly small bird compared to the rest, and I still see no pointy saddles. Can a female EE have curved tail feathers? Very standoffish, has to be forced handled. DH thinks he may have been trying to crow, though I have never heard it. What do you all think?

Finally, this little one we call Rosie... looks very partridge, but that curved tail... (front in this pic, then Checkers, than Fluffer)

All are about 11-12 weeks, except Dorothy, who I suspect is a couple week behind. Thanks!
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#1 Cockerel, yes the roosters do go into the nesting boxes sometimes and sort of play around
#2 Pullet
#3 thinking pullet
#4 Easter Egger, could you get a better picture? I'm thinking cockerel
#5 Pullet
#6 Pullet

Most of the ones with the 'curved' tails aren't very curved and are missing the cockerel saddle feathers.

here is more of Dorothy



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