Horror scene in the henhouse this morning....UPDATED WITH PICS!!! pg 5


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May 3, 2010
Southern NH
Opening up the coop for the morning it looked like a blood bath. My rooster was attacked by his girls. He was alive, but the blood was everywhere. Even my husband was shocked at the amount of blood. A few weeks back i had a hen missing 2 patches of feathers from her chest. It was tough to see through the matted feathers but it appears that is what happened to my roo Duke. Then they went after his very very long wattles. And the kicker was, he wanted to be with his ladies, not seperated. I tried to corner him off in the coop today but he jumped over the fencing. He looked worse tonight. So i brought the cage out tonight and put him in it. I hate to do it when it is so cold, but i cant let them kill him. I put a blanket over him for the night to help keep him warm, he is used to be surrounded my his ladies.

Anyone have the ladies go after the roo? How long do i need to watch to find the feather picker? She needs to go. I did have one who was pretty covered in blood this morning, so i have some thoughts....
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You have a varment problem. Hens and rooster may have been assaulted by critter reaching into pen with muzzle.

I dont think so, this happened this morning to the roo before i opened the coop up. They were still locked up inside.

Hope he feels better!
I think something else fought with him or grabbed him through the enclosure. It just doesn't feel right that the hens would gang up on him as to cause that much blood. Just my opinion.
i'm having trouble with my chicks picking feathers and did a search, pretty sure i've read about duke. havent you had trouble with the girls picking at your roo in the past? i would bet its their eagerness to preen that got out of control instead of a rodent problem. then again, i'm new to this whole thing.

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